Saturday, October 21, 2017

Glow in the DARK ...

I went and bought some glow in the dark paint ... it works a treat, its very neat, but I can't photograph it to save my life. This is the first of many glow in the dark Skull Head Zombie Cats.

All zombie cats are up for adoption, inquire if you are interested in owning one. This paticular skull head zombie cat is available here.

Savage Zombie Cat

You can probably call it a fact, i draw cats with really big feet ... and this one has a huge mouth too. I really like how this little undead ferocious and probably vicious zombie cat turned out. A fun sketch that quickly escalated in to a full figure kitteh ... with big feet. The jaw was a fun mental challenge, and now I've leveled up in my open mouth drawing skills.

How the hell is everyone doing today?

self portrait ... 42

self portrait ... the zombie cats are infecting everything

Friday, October 20, 2017

Sphynx Zombie Cat

The days are getting shorter while the darkness grows and threatens to swallow the world. Through it all the zombie cats continue to spread the infection. In the end all breeds become one breed. Each zombie cat unique and special in its own way. They have no hate towards each other, no matter how different an individual zombie cat might be, for they all share a common goal.

To find, kill and eat all the hoomans.

After a head scootch and a belly rub. Then it's time for the tooth and nail.
Original artwork available.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Gonna Eat muh CAKE!

Zombie Cats don't just get their cake, they sit in that bad boy and do some pretty obscene things with the icing. This Zombie Cat in the Cake first made an appearance over on patreon, but here it is for everyone to enjoy. If you want, you can even print it out for your own birthday card ... wish yourself a happy birthday from the Zombie Cats.

Annoying Animation or a Video ...

Here's a very quick little animated GIF of my most recent little quickie drawing of a skull head zombie cat. Below is a link to the actual video, which is also very fast but not as fast as this GIF.

And ... here is the final image in all it's glory ... most likely to be included in a a future adoption ... sort of a buy one get one surprise cat for free :D

Trash Panda REDUX

That's right, the Zombie Cats are bringing back TRASH PANDAS, but not in the way you might think. Instead of super cute but rather ordinary Raccoons, the zombie cats are filling in and invading trash cans and garbage dumps everywhere until a suitable post apocalyptic Trash Panda can be created.
They need your help though ... raccoons are in rather short supply over here. If you have any amazing pictures of raccoons, please post a picture or a link to a picture in the comments below.

Only you can help the horde grow!

This page taken from the sketchbook of Byron ;)
It is for sale, message me if interested.