Saturday, May 19, 2018

Zombie Cats and derP cats ... oh my

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

It's OK to Brag

We know you know that you're awesome, so why not tell everyone =)

Justify Yourself to Yourself

The Zombie Cats always have good advice ... at least they think it's good.
If it wasn't good, they wouldn't give it. :)

Zombie Cats Sketch Dump

Lonely Together
Tuesdays seem to be my 'update the internets' day ... and it is far to difficult for me to post each image and everything I do ... so I try to make a big patreon post for all my infected friends ... and then I thought ... why not an image dump.
So ...  here are my sketchbook images for you to check out ... leave a comment with your favorite and help put a smile on my face when I check the internets in a week.

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Always Watching

Anxious Attack

At Least I Have Company

Bits and Pieces

Cant Take Swallow Anymore 
Got You Covered


Lonely Cat
Lonely Together

Pick Me


brag a little

Rained Out


Stoic Sentry


Too Cute 

Too Smart

Twisted Wall