Thursday, September 7, 2017

it's IT ...

what is IT ?

Inspired by the newest version of pennywise that hits the screen today, I started to draw a sphynx cat and somehow the clown began to emerge. I went and added some color to the black and white drawing, as well as the text. If you want to see what the original unaltered image looks like, check the store here: it's for sale at the moment.

I have started to do a lot of drawing whenever I have a moment away from the family and no other pressing responsibilities or work. I am finding that even with just a few minutes here and there some great artwork is being created and I'm learning and growing as an artist more and more. That means you get to see more zombie cats more often ... so it's a win all around.

I currently have a dozen + zombie cat drawings that haven't been seen yet ... they'll be posted soon along with a colouring book. If you want to stay ahead of the game and find out what I'm working on before it's released, check my patreon feed. I post a lot of public images there as well as patron only posts with items like free high res downloads and pdf's of my upcoming books and images. 

Here's an example of something that would be posted on patreon ... it's the start of 2 kittens and a skull. 
In patreon I might post progress shots or even a video of me drawing it. Eventually most things posted on patreon will become public, it's just cool to see things before anyone else. To add a bit more excitement, I'm going to start getting more audience participation with my posts on patreon.
Even if you don't donate as little as a buck a month to the zombie cat cause, you should still check out the patreon page from time to time. You never know what kind of goodies might be waiting for you.

Anyways ... new work is coming ... get ready!

Monday, August 28, 2017

back to the drawing board ...

We were fortunate to attend the first ever Corn and Apple Comic Con, run by Jazzy from Mordens Pop Culture comic store. She put together an amazing event that included cosplayers, comic and collectable makers and sellers, a dunk tank, beanbag toss, free candy and the zombie cats of course. This was supposed to be a huge step towards global domination. HUGE!!!
But things went wrong ... the plan was wrong.

One thing went right ... the large zombie cats caught the eye and dragged some people in.

That's it.
So now we went back to the drawing board and reworked our plan for global domination and the key to our success at conventions will be the booth. It has to be great ... anything less is pointless.
So now we start designing and building the booth for upcoming conventions.
We will be posting all the updates about the building of this booth on our patreon page and would like your input and support.

Oh wait ... there was one other thing that went right, and it was the addition of another #zombie #cat in to the horde. We were going to call him Corny because ... corn and apple ... ha ?
But we typed it wrong and now he is Conry ... which might be an improvement.
He's going up for adoption in the near future.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Mini Books and Standing Zombie Cats

While making the envelopes and foam core protective books yesterday, I saw a lot of the mini books sitting in storage. I took them and filled them in the bookcase that I made a few months ago ... the #infected will probably remember when this was made. Anyways ... I put as many books as I could fit in the bookcase and put the little mini framed picture on top. I thought it looked good and was ready to take a picture when I saw the little #zombiecat sitting by my paint brushes. I included the kitteh to complete the picture.

Seeing it all together like this has sparked a massive amount of ideas and I'm hoping to unleash at least one of them to the public on Monday. I'm testing the waters on patreon first.

What do you think of the bookcase? It needs a little plant to go with the little picture I think.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Little Book o' Zombie Cats

A few days ago I took a piece of paper and folded it in to a little book, just like +Lisa Cohen did for her books. I thought it was really cool how you can make a book out of just one sheet of paper. She found a tutorial here, and that's the same one I used.

After it was folded up I started to draw and sketch on it and after a few days I had a whole book made. The insides look like this:

I have put the high res file on my patreon page for my patrons to download and print out to make their own little book of zombies. You can find that here ... and while you're there maybe you can also become a patron and show your support for the zombie cats. Patrons also get dibs on owning the original book ... if you want a copy of the book already folded and signed by me, along with an original zombie cat sketch on black foam board, click here.
I'm offering these up for just 24 hours.

Here's an example of the free sketch:

After 24 hours im going to modify this post to remove the offer ... #justsaying

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Rising from the grave ... again

Bringing back the #zombie #cats blog in a good way and starting with Bobo the #zombiecat that was ordered by an awesome zombie cat fanatic from the states. When I started this zombie cat I had the thought of making an animated gif out of it, which is what I did. Then I took it one step further and created a step by step patreon post explaining how I create my cats.

Why not pledge as little as a buck a month while you're at it. Get exclusive look behind the scenes, how my artwork is made along with videos and first pick of new work. Support an indie artist!

More cats coming tomorrow!

Sunday, March 26, 2017


I am fully aware that this is not a zombie cat, but it could become one, or possibly be fighting the hordes of zombie cats. This is BatCat ... and I made a book for him.

The front cover looks like this:
 Like most of my work, this cover is dirty, messy and splattered. Even though Batman would be a sleek and polished kind of cover, this is a cat we're talking about. So that being said, I thought it would be best to make it look like a cat had its way with the artwork.

The insides:

The inside is a standard Byron Book interior. Original artwork in a protective sleeve on the right, interesting story on the left. This is a bit of a quote from The Dark Knight, mashed up for teh kitteh

The outsides:

I'm really beginning to like the zombie cats sigil that I have created. I also really like how my own name fits in there as well. I just need to add some text to the spine and the whole book is done.