Monday, August 28, 2017

back to the drawing board ...

We were fortunate to attend the first ever Corn and Apple Comic Con, run by Jazzy from Mordens Pop Culture comic store. She put together an amazing event that included cosplayers, comic and collectable makers and sellers, a dunk tank, beanbag toss, free candy and the zombie cats of course. This was supposed to be a huge step towards global domination. HUGE!!!
But things went wrong ... the plan was wrong.

One thing went right ... the large zombie cats caught the eye and dragged some people in.

That's it.
So now we went back to the drawing board and reworked our plan for global domination and the key to our success at conventions will be the booth. It has to be great ... anything less is pointless.
So now we start designing and building the booth for upcoming conventions.
We will be posting all the updates about the building of this booth on our patreon page and would like your input and support.

Oh wait ... there was one other thing that went right, and it was the addition of another #zombie #cat in to the horde. We were going to call him Corny because ... corn and apple ... ha ?
But we typed it wrong and now he is Conry ... which might be an improvement.
He's going up for adoption in the near future.

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