Tuesday, October 31, 2017

well shit ... im stuck ... now what?

Feeling stuck and anxious ..., an end of the month feeling to be sure. All the bills are due, so much things left undone. I'm really feeling the burden of adulting. Time to put on the big boy boots and kick some ass and power through it.
Tomorrow is take your kid to work day for the grade 9's so my eldest will help me get all the envelopes made and parcels in the mail. Finally getting the patreon gifts out as well ... it will be a great day spent showing the kid what dad tries to do all day.

After that I should be caught up with everything.
Stay tuned ... things are about to get even more busy

Monday, October 30, 2017

On Top of the Heap ... of Trash

Here's a little black zombie cat sitting on the trash ... all done with a big fat black sharpie and obviously no pre thought. It's a bit indicative of my life and situation right now ... trash ... garbage ... just waiting for the good times to show up again like this zombie cat is waiting for another human to walk by. The wait might be long but it's always worth it.
Take care my infected friends ...

Monday Wrinkles

Imagine waking up and seeing this unholy undead hairless demon beast staring at you with blank unblinking eyes. I don't know about you but I would lose my shit and freak right out.

So ... please consider adopting this zombie cat today ... it's giving me the heebie jeebies.

I'm not very verbose today ... it's monday morning and there's a blizzard going on outside.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Its Looking Grave

What a terrible post title ... all that time spent drawing this zombie cat only to post it to the world with a crappy title. I suppose it is one way to help define that it is a grave stone that the cat is sitting on. Maybe if I was a better artist I wouldn't have to resort to that sort of trickery. ;-)

Anyway ... I will be posting a bunch of high contrast drawings like this over on patreon for my infected friends to check out, maybe purchase too. Are you infected yet?

Saturday, October 28, 2017

the nameless Skull Head Zombie Cat

I know I've shared this before but it's really cool. Drawn with the fattest sharpie I could find ... this skull head zombie cat is now in search of it's forever home ... and a name. It's lonely, with only the flies to keep it company. How long will this kitteh search? Who will adopt it?

To be perfectly honest, I wouldn't mind keep this one around for a long time. It's a large 9"x12" high contrast zombie cat. It just pops out at you.

In the Mist ...

Today is a big day of finishing off the little things ... those things that don't really take much time to complete so they get done later, but then forgotten and put off until that pile of little things is so large it threatens to topple and smoother you.

That's what I'm doing today ... taking as many things out of that pile as I possibly can.

As I do that I come across little things that I've not shared before ... like this Zombie with 2 Zombie Cats In the Mist ...

Original is available, message me for details.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

YouTube ...

Trying something new with the camera angle in this video ... #theinfected over on patreon already saw this and now it's released to the whole world ... so everyone gets to suffer now :P

I need to finish that #zombie #cat painting soon.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Finger Painting ...

Here's the most recent #zombie #cat that was created for the Zombie Cats Raw Sketching video series. You can find the public ones on YouTube ... but if you're among theinfected over on patreon, you can see them a week before the rest of the world.

Anywho ... this zombie cat is up for adoption but not listed in the store yet. If you want to make an offer, send me a message.

Zombie Cats Support the LGBT Community

A few months ago I made this shirt to show my support for the LGBT Community and specifically for my transgender son Troy. That was a one time run with that shirt which had small message on the back. I am re-releasing the shirt with just the symbol on the front. There may be special editions later, but this design will be a forever design.

If you want to order one for yourself, click here.

Winter is Coming ...

They are predicting snow in two days ... and that sucks. We were hoping that it would stay away until after halloween. This also means that there will be many snowman cats coming ... and snowman zombie cats too.
This is the first snowman cat ... complete with a little strawberry nose.
In the shop here.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Half Naked Zombie Cat

Some of the habits I'm trying to break is wasting time. There is only so much time in the day and I have a tonne ... a metric shit tonne in fact, of work that I need to get done. Not just commissions, which are ending soon btw, but everything from making my own work for myself, to envelopes, trading cards, putting designs on shirts, updating websites, making videos and even just posting to this blog. Everything takes time ... so I am trying to get in to the habit of spending as much time as I can building up the zombie cats.
But not at the expense of family ... family first and then the zombie cats.

No more feeling sorry for myself that there is so much to do and it's not getting done ... I'm trying to use the 10 minutes here, 5 minutes there, a half hour after supper. The time is there, I just haven't been spending it wisely ... so that's a habit that is being changed by creating a new habit.

It's going to be a lot of work ... but today has been a great day to start new habits.

Oh ... and that shirtless half naked black zombie cat is eventually going to a new home as an adoption package bonus zombie cat.

The infection spreads, thanks to everyone of my infected friends. The horde only grows with your help. If I don't post again today, have a great night everyone!

New Routines ...

Hey everyone, I hope you had an awesome weekend. Mine was all about inner reflections and thinking about things that needed to be thought about. I wish I was fluent enough with words to say what I have discovered about myself and my situation, but I can't. I'm a clumsy wordsmith that spends to much time hitting the backspace key to fix typos instead of fluidly putting thought to print.

Suffice to say that changes are in order and on the way. It won't be noticeable at first, if at all, because it is a slow process and it's all about changing the habits I have gotten myself in to. Not so much habits like picking my nose or chewing my nails, but rather habits of how I think, what I do with my time, the order in which I do things in the day. Like I said ... I can't put it in to words correctly.

So ... one habit I am starting is daily sketching of things like this little zombie cat. Drawn on normal paper and quickly,  it will be included in a future parcel that gets mailed out when someone adopts a zombie cat. If I can do this every day for the next 4 years it will be one hell of a collection of zombie cat sketches :)

So that's one habit I want to start ... what are the habits I'm trying to break?
I'll try to tackle that in the next post.
What are habits you are trying to start? How is it working out for you so far? What is the biggest challenge in making it a habit?

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Soon to be Standing ...

Here's a cute little white zombie cat that will soon become a new standing zombie cat. It might even go up for adoption if it looks as good as I have in my head. Should it remain white or get coloured?
Let me know in the comments and we'll see what happens tomorrow.

Have a great night everyone ... thanks for being a part of my life!

Just another Sunday ...

It's the day after #caturday and the zombie cats are doing great. They recently found a small group of hoomans boarded up in a church.

The fuzziest and cutest of the zombie cats went in first to distract them.

It was fast, ferocious and above all, messy.

Now the hunt begins again.

**all zombie cats are up for adoption unless otherwise noted**

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Glow in the DARK ...

I went and bought some glow in the dark paint ... it works a treat, its very neat, but I can't photograph it to save my life. This is the first of many glow in the dark Skull Head Zombie Cats.

All zombie cats are up for adoption, inquire if you are interested in owning one. This paticular skull head zombie cat is available here.

Savage Zombie Cat

You can probably call it a fact, i draw cats with really big feet ... and this one has a huge mouth too. I really like how this little undead ferocious and probably vicious zombie cat turned out. A fun sketch that quickly escalated in to a full figure kitteh ... with big feet. The jaw was a fun mental challenge, and now I've leveled up in my open mouth drawing skills.

How the hell is everyone doing today?

self portrait ... 42

self portrait ... the zombie cats are infecting everything

Friday, October 20, 2017

Sphynx Zombie Cat

The days are getting shorter while the darkness grows and threatens to swallow the world. Through it all the zombie cats continue to spread the infection. In the end all breeds become one breed. Each zombie cat unique and special in its own way. They have no hate towards each other, no matter how different an individual zombie cat might be, for they all share a common goal.

To find, kill and eat all the hoomans.

After a head scootch and a belly rub. Then it's time for the tooth and nail.
Original artwork available.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Gonna Eat muh CAKE!

Zombie Cats don't just get their cake, they sit in that bad boy and do some pretty obscene things with the icing. This Zombie Cat in the Cake first made an appearance over on patreon, but here it is for everyone to enjoy. If you want, you can even print it out for your own birthday card ... wish yourself a happy birthday from the Zombie Cats.

Annoying Animation or a Video ...

Here's a very quick little animated GIF of my most recent little quickie drawing of a skull head zombie cat. Below is a link to the actual video, which is also very fast but not as fast as this GIF.

And ... here is the final image in all it's glory ... most likely to be included in a a future adoption ... sort of a buy one get one surprise cat for free :D

Trash Panda REDUX

That's right, the Zombie Cats are bringing back TRASH PANDAS, but not in the way you might think. Instead of super cute but rather ordinary Raccoons, the zombie cats are filling in and invading trash cans and garbage dumps everywhere until a suitable post apocalyptic Trash Panda can be created.
They need your help though ... raccoons are in rather short supply over here. If you have any amazing pictures of raccoons, please post a picture or a link to a picture in the comments below.

Only you can help the horde grow!

This page taken from the sketchbook of Byron ;)
It is for sale, message me if interested.

drawing zombie cats on YouTube

It has been a while since I did a new Zombie Cats Raw Sketching ... all the new ones get listed on patreon first then eventually made public. Here's the newest one ... episode TEN!
There are still 4 more out there on patreon that aren't public yet. Hoping to make another today if I get my other chores finished.
What do you think of these? It's a lot of rambling ... and a touch of drawing :D

Have a great day people ... keep being awesome.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Sukcer Puss

This cat is going to have a problem if it ever tries to lick itself. I don't know what demon I was channelling when I created this SUCKER PUSS but I'm glad it's out in the world for everyone to see now. It's obviously a special needs kitty ... but to be honest I really don't know what it's needs are.
Does it eat?
Does it sleep?
What the hell is up with those tentacles?

If it tries to give me a head bump will it latch on and suck out my soul? I don't know because I've never been close enough to find out. This sucker puss needs a good home and a very strong cage to keep it, and everyone else, safe.

If you think you can give this unique cat a home, click here.

Happy Derp Cat ... on a shirt

Taking over from the zombie cats today is a new DERP Cat ... ready to cheer up your day and bring a smile to the faces of those that see it's happy smile. Unless of course you're one of the few that great really freaked out by those massive teeth.
The DERP Cats are becoming more bold and even took over the Zombie Cat's sigil

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Oil Paint Zombie Cat

I think this is my first and only oil painted zombie cat. I couldn't quite get the hang of the oils and since I didn't have much to use I was kind of sparse on it. That being said, I really did enjoy painting this undead kitteh ... there is something about oil paint that really brings out a depth and feeling you can't easily achieve with other mediums.

I want to get this one in to a forever home before it really does rot away. As an incentive I am offering up a complimentary portrait to accompany this kitteh to it's new forever home.
Click here to order.

Good Morning from the Edge of the Apocalypse

It's still early in the week but I'm already waiting for the weekend to show up. The late nights and early mornings are killing me ... but only figuratively. It would help if I went to sleep earlier... but where's the fun in that?

Last night I watched the sun set, turning the sky in to ultra vibrant hues of orange, my favorite color, before changing to some crimson reds and then eventually blackness.

It was really dark ... street lights didn't seem to turn on and things became eerily quiet. You could almost think the world really was coming to an end. If it ever does I'm going to do what the zombie cats do ... climb a tall pole, or tree, and watch the world burn.

I'll probably need some ladders.

This Apocalyptic Cat on a Post is the most recent zombie kitten rescued from the catacombs and put in to the bargain bin ... hoping to get adopted before winter sets in.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Leaving You With Stitches

Pulling another zombie cat out of the catacombs and putting it in the Zombie Cat Adoption bargain bin ... time to move a little inventory before my birthday.

Make me a happy little zombie cat creator and adopt a little undead kitteh. Each adoption helps grow the horde by enabling me to purchase more art supplies ... and now I've started to work larger so I need these little putrid pussies to get some new forever homes.

Check out this bargain bin cat, and some of the others. Payment plans are an option too.

Have a great night everyone!

Skull and a Skull Head Zombie Cat

Sitting and waiting parked in the Giant Tiger parking lot contemplating all the work done today and the nearly endless list of work still needed to be done. To ease my worries I begin to sketch, thinking that I might draw a zombie for the daily zombie blog and talk about my day, but then a skull head zombie cat started to appear. They show up when you least expect it and make a big mess of things. But this one was nice enough. Just looked at me and said ... in a way that only I could hear ... "it'll be ok"

Before I could ask WHAT ... WHAT WILL BE OK? ... the moment was gone and lost forever.
Then my kid got back in the car, we drove home and I uploaded this pic.

Have a great evening everyone. I hope your day was awesome!

Zombie Cat FACT #1

It's not very well known, but zombie cats often become deaf when they go bald.
Or is it the other way around?

This technicolor zombie cat nearly lost it's mind when it went deaf ... you could say it was a CLOSE SHAVE! Get it?

Happy Monday everyone. I hope you like this vibrant green undead kitten as much as I enjoyed creating it. I had originally made a drawing as a joke a long time ago over on Patreon ... but I liked the joke and the idea so much that it needed to become a full sized painting. So I started work on it about a month ago and then left it ... the foundation I had built for the painting was to chaotic and busy for me at the time, and things just seemed off. It festered in the gloomy corner of my studio until yesterday when I brought it upstairs and started adding black. I blocked out the background with a big black marker and then ... things started to come together. I tweaked it last night and then some more this morning in between other cats and now it is finished.

Once again ... when I don't know where to go with a painting or drawing I need to leave it alone and let it sit while my mind figures out what to do next.

I think this one is a win.
If you want to own it, get to the store quick. I'm listing it for far less than I want to but it needs a good home ... plus it's my birthday in 5 days. Put a smile on my face and make my Monday extra awesome.

If you're not in the market for adopting a zombie cat, leave a comment and say hi. I love hearing from fans of the zombie cats.
Have a great day!

Send Coffee MEOW!

It's Monday morning and I'm struggling to get the day started. There is much to do and it feels like there isn't enough time to do it. Never mind the fact that I haven't had even a drop of coffee yet. Not one DROP!

This little zombie cat took it all and won't share ... not even with the flies.

I hope your day is going great and you get everything done that you want to get done ... and I hope you get all the coffee you need.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Scottish Fold Zombie Cat

There are not a lot of Irish Fold zombie cats in the horde. The most famous Irish Fold Zombie Cat is the LOL CAT that sort of started this whole journey ... it was nomming on some brains. This one is waiting for some brains. It's hoping someone gives it a head scootch so it can latch on and omnomnom!!

Who is brave enough to give this ferocious feline it's forever home?

Psychedelic Pussy

I've never had an acid trip yet, but I hope it makes things more vibrant like this zombie cat. Obviously this little kitteh has taken the plunge in to some sort of toxic industrial sludge to cause this psychedelic neon fur effect.

Did someone say 420 ?

Original available in the shop ... I really look forward to making the protective booklet for this cat.
Video of the drawing coming soon.

A Teeny Tiny Kitty on a Skull

I painted on a teeny tiny canvas and it was more difficult than I thought. I'm not very good at painting on canvas but I thought I would give it a try. In the end I just used my gel pens and drew on it instead. What a cop out right? It's still a pretty cool image imo, and really really small, about 2 inches square.
Not sure what to do with it but I am open to suggestions or offers.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Brainy Zombie Cat

Pulling this cute little white zombie cat out of the archives for another dance around the web on caturday. This petite pussy cat has a slight problem with it's exposed brains ... other zombie cats keep trying to get a nibble ... but this feisty feline kicks some serious ass and has put down all comers.
What it really needs is a forever home it can safely stalk without risk of other zombie cats nomming on its brain.

It's a friendly kitteh that loves cuddles, belly rubs and playing in paper bags. It also has a cute, if somewhat annoying, habit of nibbling on ears so some sort of head protection is advised.

If you want to adopt this kitty, click here.

Little Black Zombie Cat and his pet Skull

Zombie cats really enjoy sitting on skulls similar to how non zombie cats love to sit in boxes. This little black zombie cat loves this skull ... and really enjoys sitting on it and watching the rest of the world go by ... the rest of the burned out post apocalyptic world that is.
If you dig this drawing, its up in the store here: http://bit.ly/byronshorde

And if you want to see a fast video of the drawing of this zombie cat, click the video below. Don't forget to show some love and subscribe ... and share too if you have a spare second or three.


If you think your week has been hard, imagine the life of the zombie cat. Okay okay ... not life ... unlife ... existence maybe? Let's start over.

You think you're having it rough? Imagine the day to day existence of a zombie cat. (Still doesn't sound right but whatever ... moving on)

All day, every day, zombie cats have this never ending desire to sink your teeth in to the soft warm flesh of a human. The unquenchable desire to drink their blood and a burning hatred towards all of humanity.

Actually sounds like cats in general ... hmmm. Did I have a point here? I thought so when I started ... I got derailed by this freaking cute cat hanging from the tree like some putrid pussycat pinata.

I'm going to go find me a stixk :)

Friday, October 13, 2017

Happy Friday the 13th ...

Here are a couple of JASON Cats I have made in past years.
Both are still available and for adoption. 
Message me if interested.

we're Friends NO MORE!

This zombie cat isn't speaking to me anymore ... doesn't even want to look at me. It's not my fault the tail is gone ... I've warned them all to be more careful when I wear my ice skates inside.

I tried to glue it back on ... maybe I should use a staple gun.

Unloved and Unwanted

This little kitteh was supposed to go to its forever home, but the human that was adopting him can not be located. Probably eaten ... maybe infected and wandering the post apocalyptic city, who knows.
On the plus side, this fugly zombie cat is up for grabs, just make an offer and take it home.

yes ... it's an ugly zombie cat but aren't they all? Can you see past the filth and grime and see the cutie within? No? Me neither ... this little fucker should probably burn ... maybe it will if no one adopts him soon.

I've Seen Things ...

This zombie cat has seen some bad shit ... it's also been the bringer of the bad shit too. But lately the zombie apocalypse has been a bit to overwhelming so it has decided to retreat to the alley and take a break. It knows what needs to be done. Find the human eat the human. It's the same fucking routine over and over again, day in and day out with no appreciation or consideration of what it is trying to accomplish. It just wants to do it's thing you know ... hunt, kill, eat and repeat. But people keep fucking that up for him. Just the other day another fucking human took a shot at him. A lousy shot, missed by at least 3 feet but still. It's the meaning behind the shot ... it left a feeling of being unloved ... that feeling soon turned to anger, then hate and all of a sudden it gets unleashed in a big furry ball of teeth and claw and fur and blood and then more blood until the alley way is painted red and the only living things remaining are the cockroaches and even those are too scared to come out.

What was I getting at again?

Like it matters ... here's a link to the store http://bit.ly/byronshorde
you like something, make an offer

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Glaring in the Glow of the Full Moon

Old Mac Donald had a farm ... and that's where the nursery rhyme dies because the zombie cats came and tore through the place leaving no living thing behind. Even now, in the glow of the full moon not a sound is made. Not one sound ... even the crickets are gone ... scared off or devoured.

Don't mess with the zombie cats ... they are legion ...  they are coming for you and they will do terrible things to you and everyone around you. Unless you are already among the infected. Then you get a pass. #areyouinfected ?

Get the original artwork here: http://bit.ly/byronshorde

Big Black Zombie Cat on a Little Garbage Can

This Zombie Cat has been sitting on that garbage can for 3 days already ... just waiting for something to move so it can chase. I would think it was dead if it wasn't already undead.

Original artwork available by clicking this link.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Skull Head Zombie Cat

Another member of the skull head zombie cat clan has busted out of the Zombie Cats lab and is on the loose. These frighteningly terrible skeletal fiends are looking for their next meal, or maybe a forever home. Which will you be?

This zombie cat design is available on a tshirt, click here.
If you want to give this specific Skull Head Zombie Cat a home, follow this link.

What's for Lunch ?

Zombie Cats thrive in a post apocalyptic world much like ferals and strays survived in the back alleys and forgotten streets of some of the worlds largest cities. They did whatever they had to do to survive. The only difference this time? Humans are now on the menu.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Watching the World Burn

When the world ends and the bombs drop and the infection spreads and decimates everyone, you can be sure that the zombie cats will have some of the best seats in the house to watch it all burn away.

You could bet that those cute undead kitty cats had something to do with a couple of those fires too. This creepy little kitten has a great view of the burning city, perched on an old barbed wire fence post.

If you like this original zombie cat artwork and would like to own it, check out the store here, if you want this as a tshirt, here's your link.

Wrapped Up Zombie Cat

This little kitty didn't ask to be mummified. It didn't want to get wrapped up in a bunch of clothe and then sealed up for centuries. So when it was finally discovered you can only imagine how pissed off it was. Of course it unleashed its fury upon the explorers and then left the crypt that had been its prison for through the millennia.

Bring this cute cat home and adopt it by finding it in the horde here: http://bit.ly/byronshorde

If you don't want the original, you can always get a clone and wear it on your chest. Show your support for the zombie cats and buy a shirt!

Smashing Pumpkins ... Zombie Cat Style

One more day with the kids at home, the smell of a turkey being slow roasted and pie is in my future. 2 out of 3 isn't bad.
Here's a zombie cat sketch that I went and inked the hell out of ... it is HOLIDAY THEMED YO! so feel free to download it from my patreon page. This one might make it in the Zombie Cats Colouring book that was supposed to be finished already. I'm going to put some work in on that today, before the turkey coma strikes.

Enjoy your Monday ... unless you're working and you'd rather be sleeping ... then ... um .. good luck?

Sunday, October 8, 2017

On Top of SKULLS ... from the recently deceased

After the zombie apocalypse, the real winners will have huge piles of human skulls ... some with brains still inside. Humanity is doomed! For when the bombs drop and the infection spreads, the dead now undead cats will rise up and take their rightful place at the top of the food chain.

Tshirts available here: https://teespring.com/SKULLpile
Original artwork still available in theHORDE Store .
I think we need a better name :P

Have a fantastic weekend everyone ... for those that are Canadian and do the Thanksgiving thing, get stuffed! ;) All that turkey will make you a slower target for the zombie cats so eat up!!