Friday, October 13, 2017

I've Seen Things ...

This zombie cat has seen some bad shit ... it's also been the bringer of the bad shit too. But lately the zombie apocalypse has been a bit to overwhelming so it has decided to retreat to the alley and take a break. It knows what needs to be done. Find the human eat the human. It's the same fucking routine over and over again, day in and day out with no appreciation or consideration of what it is trying to accomplish. It just wants to do it's thing you know ... hunt, kill, eat and repeat. But people keep fucking that up for him. Just the other day another fucking human took a shot at him. A lousy shot, missed by at least 3 feet but still. It's the meaning behind the shot ... it left a feeling of being unloved ... that feeling soon turned to anger, then hate and all of a sudden it gets unleashed in a big furry ball of teeth and claw and fur and blood and then more blood until the alley way is painted red and the only living things remaining are the cockroaches and even those are too scared to come out.

What was I getting at again?

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