Monday, October 23, 2017

New Routines ...

Hey everyone, I hope you had an awesome weekend. Mine was all about inner reflections and thinking about things that needed to be thought about. I wish I was fluent enough with words to say what I have discovered about myself and my situation, but I can't. I'm a clumsy wordsmith that spends to much time hitting the backspace key to fix typos instead of fluidly putting thought to print.

Suffice to say that changes are in order and on the way. It won't be noticeable at first, if at all, because it is a slow process and it's all about changing the habits I have gotten myself in to. Not so much habits like picking my nose or chewing my nails, but rather habits of how I think, what I do with my time, the order in which I do things in the day. Like I said ... I can't put it in to words correctly.

So ... one habit I am starting is daily sketching of things like this little zombie cat. Drawn on normal paper and quickly,  it will be included in a future parcel that gets mailed out when someone adopts a zombie cat. If I can do this every day for the next 4 years it will be one hell of a collection of zombie cat sketches :)

So that's one habit I want to start ... what are the habits I'm trying to break?
I'll try to tackle that in the next post.
What are habits you are trying to start? How is it working out for you so far? What is the biggest challenge in making it a habit?

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