Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Zombie Cat QUICKIES!

Hey guys! I hope you're having an awesome day ... if you're not maybe you just need some more zombie cats infecting your day to day routine. I'm doing my best to bring these little bundles of our demise out as often as possible. I'm recording EVERYTHING I possibly can and working every possible minute that I can to bring these to you. It makes me feel FANTASTIC everytime you find my work worth commenting on. It makes me GIDDY when my work offends you ... but of course it doesn't offend youYOU ... that other you, over there --->
That person gets offended at everything.
Where was I?
Oh yeah ... this is the first day and first episode of QUICKIES! It's a terrible name but it's for when I find myself with a few minutes of nothing to do. Grab the pen, turn on the camera and draw something quick. This time its a white skull/skeleton zombie kitteh
Check the video:


That will most likely be an artcard that gets sent out to one of #theinfected over on Patreon.
If you're not ... you will be ... it's just a matter of time ;)

Have a great day everyone!

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