Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Black Cats in Santa Hats

First there was one ... and experiment to see if the black cat in a santa hat could actually be a standing kitty. It was such a personal success that I made another one, and since my house does not need two Black Cats in Santa Hats, one of them has to go.
To whomever adopts this black cat in a santa hat, you will also get an original drawing of a zombie cat in a santa hat as well as some extra zombie or zombie cat goodies.
You can get it here: http://thehorde.storenvy.com/products/22450056-black-cat-in-a-santa-hat

If you want to own the original painting that has inspired these cats, click here

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Aurora Borealis ...

While this image is inspired by the Aurora Borealis it has been a very long time since I have seen the night sky lit up like this. I wonder if the northern lights will look different after the apocalypse ... will a nuclear winter create a bleak or brighter sky? I honestly hope we will never know.

This zombie cat sketch painting is available in the store,just click here.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Skull Head Zombie Cat with a Skull ...

What is this zombie cat doing with this skull? Why do my zombie cats love skulls so much? What are they trying to tell us? Why are there so many questions?

Makes you think eh? What's the fascination for skulls ... we all have one, why would we want someone else's skull? Here's another question ... if you're a skull collector do you know/care whose skull it used to be? Do you want to know the history of the skull ... was the owner of the skull a good person ... what was the gender, the lineage, the WHATEVER ... I mean really, it's just a skull FFS ... it's not like it gives a shit what you do or think about it any longer so why would we want to obsess about it?

Maybe it's because we're human and that's what we do. Obsess about the things that don't matter so we don't have to pay attention to the things that do.

Anyways ... I think the zombie cats like skulls because they're fun to play with.
Why else would they want one?

If you like this zombie cat you can adopt it here.

'tis NOT the Season ...

Like me, the zombie cats don't really like this season much. The cold doesn't really bother them too much, not like it bothers me. I'm a homebody because I hate the cold and don't like getting cold. If a zombie cat gets to cold, it just freezes in place until it thaws out. It's probably annoying but zombie cats are patient ... to say the least.

Like me though, the zombie cats don't really care for this season. Far to many reasons for this than I feel comfortable enough discussing at the moment, perhaps it can be revisited in the future.
Anyways ... the zombie cats hate the season for even more reasons than I do and they're going to do their very best to try to ruin it for humans ... starting simple with the destruction of snowmen.

If you value your snowman you better bring it inside and keep it safe. If that means turning down your furnace and creating a whole house freezer then so be it. Protect the snowman!

okay, the zombie cats made me type that ... don't turn off your furnace and dont try to bring in a snowman. that's dumb. don't be dumb. it's just a snowman, you can make another. we need to start using our common sense people or the zombie cats are going to destroy humanity.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Skull Headz Rule

I really like the Skull Head Zombie Cats ... they're so much fun to draw and they look hilariously adorable in a vile and sinister way. Big massive heads that look a little more grumpy than the rest of the zombie cats. 

They get extra grumpy on windy days ... the wind whistles through their skulls ... very aggravating. 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

sharpening muh pencil

I seldom use a pencil when drawing but I thought i would give it a try ... whatcha think?

delete comment and block

We don't feed the trolls ... not directly ... we just delete the comment and block.
Our high school teacher thought the artwork should be happier too. We can't even remember his name any more ....

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Sunday Skull ...

For the past few days and all through this weekend the zombie cats and I have been scavanging through 10 years of collected 'stuff' in an attempt to bring some order to the chaos that is our basement studio. We're finally finished and ready to start the next chapter of our quest for global domination. As such ... the commissions list will be closed as of 11:59 pm November 12, 2017
After that time I will no longer be taking commissions (unless we've already discussed it) but instead be focusing on putting the zombie cats on products from print on demand stores like zazzle while at the same time finishing off the remaining commissions, getting the remaining artwork out in the mail and then working on the zombie cats comic and larger zombie cat paintings.

It is exciting for me ... but I don't really want to ramble on about any of it because it really only makes sense in my head ... and it's a FORREST sized image painted with a very large brush so the details don't make sense. I think it's best for me to not talk about it and instead ... show you what I mean by doing it.

And with that ... I'm signing out.
Message me if you want a commission ... less than 7 hours as of this post.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Christmas Cats are coming

Christmas is underway and the zombie cats like this holiday ... a lot. All the food and festivities, snacks, treats, bright lights and fatty foods, over eating, sluggishly slow humans drunk on eggnog and good cheer.
It all makes for easy victims meals for the zombie cats.
It also helps when you have a decoy as cute as this tuxedo cat in a santa hat =)

You can own this one of a kind Byron Rempel painting by clicking here.
If you want really cool zombie cat products, click here to see the zombie cats on zazzle.

Friday, November 10, 2017

It Takes Guts ...

The zombie cats are helping me clean up the basement ... so much work already ... having gut spilling zombie cats only makes things harder. But we love em ... guts and all.

Today is the last Friday that I actively promote commissions ... after this weekend it's all over for me. So get one before the getting is gone.

The reason for this is simple ... while drawing and painting commissions for other people is awesome and fun, and I do know how lucky I am to have this gig, the stress of it all has been getting to me. It's not the stress of creating someone elses cat as a zombie ... that's easy. But the stress of relying on commissions and sales of individual work is becoming to hard ... so it's time to step away from that and just focus on creating more zombie cats, getting the booklets done AS I FEEL LIKE and start working a lot harder and smarter on the print on demand stores like zazzle, redbubble and society6.

It's time to get even more global and start thinking larger ... which also means larger paintings =)

Anyways ... today is all about cleaning up the basement so that my studio can be exactly how I want it and Monday I can start fresh and full of as much pep as I can muster. I'm going to need your help though ... so keep the good vibes and words of encouragement coming because that's what has kept me doing what I do :)

Thank you ...

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Get Sketched or ....

Or don't ... right?
I have come to the conclusion that there is no real future in commissions for me. It's to hard to find the work and it gets to frustrating when trying to get things together and mail them out. I'm not cut out for that yet ... so this is going to be my last weekend for taking commissions until next year. So if you want one and we haven't talked yet, get in touch quick. If we've already chatted and plan were made, I'm still honoring that plan. If I am currently working on your portrait or you are waiting on the mail to deliver your parcel, I thank you for your patience ... it is coming. Everything that needs to be mailed out will be out in the next few days.

There are some changes coming ... and it's super frustrating and I am beating myself up about how slow I am ... but I keep plugging away thanks to everyone out there that keeps giving the encouragement and support. I would never been able to do what I'm doing with out all of you.
Thank you

More soon ... in the mean time ... if you want me to do a portrait commission then contact me. If you can't afford to commission me and would still like to see a sketch of your pet, or you, or whatever ... just leave me a msg or tag me in a post and I'll try to get to it one of these days. I'll do freebie sketches when time allows. The above images are some from instagram that I did.
Do you follow me on instagram?

No pressure right?

Thanks for reading, now get posting your pics :D

In Hiding ...

I had excess paint and I am loathe to waste it, especially when I'm in the mood to create something but not sure what. That  is exactly what happened today ... too much paint left over so I grabbed an acrylic paper and started working on it. Eventually and owl emerged ... but when I looked closer I could see the Skull Head Zombie Cat hiding INSIDE the owl ... creepy AF if you as me.


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

sketch paiting zombie cats

I liked this zombie cat so much I started to paint it up ... now I'm not sure if I should stop or keep going ... thoughts?

Monday, November 6, 2017

Best Before ...

If you're starving and find an 'old' can of food ... would you eat it?

Sunday, November 5, 2017

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Moonlit Cat

It's a dark night, full moon and a black cat perched precariously on an unused chimney. There's probably a long and drawn out story about this cat and it's adventures. What led it to be on a chimney? Was it chased up here by half starved apocalyptic survivors? Maybe it uses this perch to survey the surroundings and to locate humans.
Maybe it got cold out and some part of it remembers a time when the chimney was in use and the perch was a great spot to warm up.

Maybe you know a better story for this cat? I'd love to hear it.