Saturday, November 18, 2017

'tis NOT the Season ...

Like me, the zombie cats don't really like this season much. The cold doesn't really bother them too much, not like it bothers me. I'm a homebody because I hate the cold and don't like getting cold. If a zombie cat gets to cold, it just freezes in place until it thaws out. It's probably annoying but zombie cats are patient ... to say the least.

Like me though, the zombie cats don't really care for this season. Far to many reasons for this than I feel comfortable enough discussing at the moment, perhaps it can be revisited in the future.
Anyways ... the zombie cats hate the season for even more reasons than I do and they're going to do their very best to try to ruin it for humans ... starting simple with the destruction of snowmen.

If you value your snowman you better bring it inside and keep it safe. If that means turning down your furnace and creating a whole house freezer then so be it. Protect the snowman!

okay, the zombie cats made me type that ... don't turn off your furnace and dont try to bring in a snowman. that's dumb. don't be dumb. it's just a snowman, you can make another. we need to start using our common sense people or the zombie cats are going to destroy humanity.

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