Tuesday, March 13, 2018

It's OK to Brag

We know you know that you're awesome, so why not tell everyone =)

Justify Yourself to Yourself

The Zombie Cats always have good advice ... at least they think it's good.
If it wasn't good, they wouldn't give it. :)

Zombie Cats Sketch Dump

Lonely Together
Tuesdays seem to be my 'update the internets' day ... and it is far to difficult for me to post each image and everything I do ... so I try to make a big patreon post for all my infected friends ... and then I thought ... why not an image dump.
So ...  here are my sketchbook images for you to check out ... leave a comment with your favorite and help put a smile on my face when I check the internets in a week.

If you like these sketches and want to own one, check out my store 

Always Watching

Anxious Attack

At Least I Have Company

Bits and Pieces

Cant Take Swallow Anymore 
Got You Covered


Lonely Cat
Lonely Together

Pick Me


brag a little

Rained Out


Stoic Sentry


Too Cute 

Too Smart

Twisted Wall

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Zombie Cat Buttons ... the preorder has begun

Hey hey friends of the internet!!!
We hope you're all having an awesome day today.
It's been quite a few days in between posts and there have been a great many things going on in the catacombs lately. Great and wonderful things are coming, amazing and unique zombie cats are being created and we want to show the world so many things ....

but time is not our friend

the whole 'no internet at home' thing is very tiresome ... but we aren't complaining, we're making the best of things as we learn more ... it is very exciting and frustrating. Life eh??
plus our hooman hasn't been this stress free in a long long time.
now ... on to the reason for this post ...

It's a thing that we are very eager to create ... it's a very fun and exciting and inexpensive way to spread the zombie cat infection. But we need your help hoomans ... we need your money to buy these buttons to send to you ...
In fact, we need just $40 to get the very first button design created.
To help you give us your money, we're taking preorders. We want to do this as easily as possible, so we're focusing on infecting just north america right now ... it a shipping cost kind of thing. Shipping a package that contains even just one button costs us about $3 ... it's the thickness, not the weight.

So ... we're asking you to give us $8 for one button, $13 for 3 buttons or $20 for 5 buttons. Those are the prices WITH shipping in north america. You can give more if you want, it's always welcome, and we'll be sure to give you more than you expect as well. :D

If you live across an ocean or something and really want a button, we want to give it to you too. Send us an email and we'll figure out the shipping :) Email address is below.

To pre order you can go to our online store here: http://thehorde.storenvy.com , but they will charge you an extra buck. You can paypal us directly by using our hoomans paypal address which is byronjrempel@gmail.com or even click http://paypal.me/byronrempel

We are taking the preorders until Wednesday, March 14th, at which point we're either celebrating a success and ordering the buttons, or crying softly into our cream and refunding everyone. If by some crazy quirk of the cosmos we are unsuccessful at raising $40 ... then we will simply refund everyone their money. Paypal will back you up and so will we. We don't want your money if we can't give you anything in return.

So ... that's pretty much it ... go preorder a button so we can give you a button.
You deserve all the buttons!! 
Also, please leave a comment about which button you think should be created next, the Quean really likes #8 for the second button. What about you? Leave a comment for a chance to win a Mini Standing Zombie Cat

We'll be back on Saturday! Thanks so much for taking the time to read our words and for helping us spread the infection. If you want more stuff, and tonnes more artwork from our hooman, check out his blog that he never updates or follow him at http://www.patreon.com/zombiecats ... big time updates there, but sometimes only for #theinfected

Oh, and be sure to check out www.twosentencehorrors.com for more of Byrons art along with some two sentence horror stories from NM Scuri

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Daily Zombie Cat Sketch #1

Our hooman loves to create the zombie kitties for the horde ... and does some of his best creating when he doesn't care about the cost of the material or even if anyone likes it. He does it for himself alone ... and we all get to benifit. Our horde grows larger and you get to see a new zombie cat. Even with inexpensive material our human still puts in quality work.

This amazingly vivid zombie cat has the unmistakably distinct markings of a classic zombie kitteh. Exposed teeth and ribs go well with the short fuzzy hairs and swirly eye socket, making it 100% unique and different, just like every other zombie cat.
The horde has grown, all praise the horde!

There are only two things that this Zombie Cat is missing.
The first is a story. How did this zombie cat come to be? Does it have hopes for a future, or does it hide a dark and brutal past? Maybe it has some words of wisdom for us all ...

The other thing that is missing is a name ... what is this zombie cat going to be called for the rest of time? Only one person gets to name this kitty, and if you want that honor you must be willing to take on the responsibilities that come with owning a zombie cat. If you think you're up to the challenge, then enter thehorde and claim your cat.

On the 'business' end of things ... this zombie cat has been created on a double folded peice of 8.5x11 photocopy paper. It is what it is and I for one, think it's awesome.

You could even go so far as to say this is a 4.25"x5.5" mixed media on paper, zombie cat painting. Gauranteed to rot, weather, and age poorly over time if you don't take care of it. But it looks quite lively in an undead 'I NEED A HOME' sort of way. the Queen likes the little teeth and I bet there are more than a few people happy that this zombie cat gets a fly :)
My only regret is that I didn't scan it before I painted it ... things to remember before getting to caught up in the moment.
Can you see the zombie cat sigil? :P

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Zombie Cat in Moonlight magnet

Listing more #zombie #cat magnets in the store. It actually takes longer than I thought so this is the last post for today. See you guys next time!!

For more magnets, or to buy, go to http://thehorde.storenvy.com

Zombie Cats Magnet

The zombie cats continue to push me in to creating more items to help them infect the globe. Their current fascination is with magnets ... they like sticking to things. This is the magnet that all the patrons at the $5 pledge level will be receiving for the month of Feb ... #areyouinfected yet?

If you don't want to be a patron, but still want this magnet, check out the zombie cats store at http://thehorde.storenvy.com

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Mind Blown Zombie Cat

This zombie cat looks like a troll
one of those big hair weird eye looking little toys that used to be popular
but this cat isn't a troll
this cat was created when enlightenment was immenent ... this zombie cat is more woke than most and the truth about oneself can be shocking

Oh ... and the zombie cats colouring book is now in production ... it will be a different kind of colouring book though ... one that encourages the use of brushes, pens, markers, paint, whatever else you have on hand.

If you think your cat deserves to be in the colouring book, then leave a comment with a link to an awesome, amusing, dynamic or at the very least, interestingly cute photo of your kitteh ... if nothing else, we might use it as inspiration for one of the zombie cat colouring book pages. Interested?

Also ... the whole colouring book making process will be documented over on www.patreon.com/zombiecats ... you can watch/read most of the updates for free, or you can support us by pledging a buck a month and get some goodies before the public does :)

Thanks for reading, we'll munch on you later.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Orange Tabby Zombie Cat

We are now setting up our display for the Winkler Comic Con which happens on the 19th of Feb. We are making a really cool zombie cats diorama which should catch everyones attention and draw them in ... with luck they get infected and spread that to others ...

Meanwhile though ... we have this amazingly fun orange tabby zombie cat that is ready for adoption. It likes to sneak up and pretend to nomnomnom on our human ... and just likes to get in to things, hanging out with it's one good eye. If you want to give this kitteh a home, it's available at http://thehorde.storenvy.com for $20 ... free shipping and some goodies to keep it company while it journeys to its new home.

Be our delicious valentine!

Happy hallmark day from the zombie cats ... we don't really understand why there's just one day out of the year that we are supposed to show everyone how much we love you ...

we try to show our love of humans everday, one mouthful at a time. :)

Stay delicious people ...

if you want to adopt this silly heart tailed kitteh, go to http://thehorde.storenvy.com

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

time to purge

The Zombie Cats, and Byron, are now under new management, and new management wants changes. Big changes ... time to clean out the cupboards and make room for more zombie cats.

So ... to clear out the space Byron is selling everything he can for as cheap as he can.

First up ... 3 sticker packs that include a magnet and thank you sketch for just $10, free shipping in North America. But there are only 10 available, so get here quick: http://thehorde.storenvy.com

Thank You Liz

Big shout out to Liz who took part in the first ever zombie cat auction. She adopted this unique orange zombie cat for just $16.66 ... playing along and keeping the 666 theme for us :D
If you didn't know about the auction you aren't alone, there wasn't much fan fare or advertising about it, since I our human no longer has home internet, we can't promote it daily ... so y'all better pay attention to this page if you want to own an original zombie cat painting. The next auction starts tomorrow morning sometime.

Thanks again Liz ... what do you want to name this undead kitteh? Our Queen named the painting Terrifyingly Cute, but the naming of the zombie cat is now your task. Let us know and we'll make up an adoption certificate for you.
Thanks again.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Terrifyingly Cute

At least that's how we would discribe this little zombie cat. What is your favorite color of zombie cat? We like which ever color you like too :D

We want to give this zombie kitty a new home but we don't know who really wants it ... so we're allowing you to decide by bidding on it. The starting bid is $6.66 ... please increase bids in full dollar amounts, even though it would be fun to keep the 666 gag going :)

yes it's silly ... we like silly

Shipping is included ( within north america ) unless you want a tracking number, that is $15 from Canada Post.

Bidding goes until we log on next Tuesday, Feb 13 2018, payment via paypal within 24 hours of a winner being declared ... the kitteh ships out 3 days after paypal payment is complete.

We hope this works, it feels fun :)

Good luck ... more kittehz tomorrow as the machines run in automatic mode.

If you want more fun, check out what our humans are up to over at http://www.patreon.com/zombiecats ... and there is groovy apocalyptic artwork over at http://thedailyzombie.blogspot.ca and even bite sized bits of horror at http://www.twosentencehorrors.com
the more you know :D

Skull Head Zombie Cat

What started off as another skull began to morph and grow and render until suddenly there was an entire skull head zombie cat floating on the page. The lack of background didn't bother the zombie cat much, just taking things in stride, enjoying the moment of solitude. I, the human, had other thoughts and started to fill in the negative space and create more of the dismal and decaying world which the zombie cats inhabit.

Shortly after, the flies showed up ...

What would you name this putrid puss?

This is PRINT #12 and it is available as a hand colored or black and white print for just $25, or 3 for $50, standard shipping included. It is available until Feb. 9 2018.
Visit our store http://thehorde.storenvy.com or send $25 USD directly via paypal.me/byronrempel

If you would like trackable shipping, please add $15

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Mind Blown ...

When everything you thought was important gets stripped away and you live in fear of missing out ... it can take you to a dark place ... until the realization that what you really needed was to be stripped of what you thought was important so you can see the really important things in front of your eyes.

Thats when the mind gets blown wide open and you start to look for other ways to improve your life. 

This is PRINT #10 and it is available as a hand colored or black and white print for just $25, or 3 for $50, standard shipping included. It is available until Feb. 9 2018.

Visit our store http://thehorde.storenvy.com or send $25 USD directly via paypal.me/byronrempel.
If you would like trackable shipping, please add $15

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

So Chill ...

In a world filled with chaos and confusion, the zombie cats remain calm and chill, waiting for the purrfect moment to strike and infect another human.

This is PRINT #6 and it is available as a hand colored or black and white print for just $25, standard shipping included. It is available until Feb. 9 2018. Visit our store http://thehorde.storenvy.com or send $25 USD directly via paypal.me/byronrempel

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Cthulhu Cat - a hand painted print

I really enjoy painting the Cthulhu Cat ... this one is quite electric in real life. The computer screen seems to lose a lot of that intensity.

This is an 8"x10" black and white print on thick paper that has been coloured by hand using a pen, ink, acrylic and gel pens, so it's a mixed media piece now. This one is available at http://thehorde.storenvy.com for just $25

A Tree with Three

Zombie cats often lead a solitary life, but sometimes they find each other and hang around chilling, waiting ... as still and as silent as death ... hoping to catch a glimpse of their most favorite thing in the world ... humans.

There just don't seem to be as many left, since the apocalypse.

This is PRINT #5 and it is available as a hand colored or black and white print for just $25, standard shipping included. It is available until Feb. 9 2018. Visit our store http://thehorde.storenvy.com or send $25 USD directly via paypal.me/byronrempel

Cat versus Dragon ... a hand painted print

This is an 8"x10" black and white print on thick paper that has been coloured by hand using a pen, ink, acrylic and gel pens, so it's a mixed media piece now.

It's available to own for just $25, which includes free standard shipping. If you want trackable shipping just add $15. This one, along with others, are available at http://thehorde.storenvy.com but only until Feb 9th 2018.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Derp Zombie Cat

One day our hooman was in a gud mood and started to draw a happy cat ... we think he was hepped up on goof ball drugs because this kitteh got derped. If you like this Derp Zombie Cat you can get one for yourself, custom colored by Byron too.
Just go to our store http://thehorde.storenvy.com and order #8 ... it's just $25 but only available until Feb 9th

If you want to own the original Derp Zombie Cat drawing, contact Byron for info.


It's a blurry line that divides the darkness and the light. Zombie cats often live in the darkness even when the light of future possibilites are right before them. This zombie cat is ready to move into the light but stops short and looks back at the darkness, listening to the comforting familiar sounds that  beckon it to stay a while longer.

This is a mixed media zombie cat painted on 300lb cold pressed watercolor paper.
$150 - includes trackable shipping and a bunch of goodies. Available in my store.

Monday, January 29, 2018

we back again ...

happenings happened
ups an downs, ugh barf

hooman broke
we gived freedom
highest speed

mr. food fixed
big grins
his blog
lots of words

want secret?
patrons only stuff back online ... r u nfktd?

++++become infected++++
If no sOKAY
free treats!!!

#############bad good news?

few cats adopted
30+ back to BIN
GOOD news
less competition
golden ticket done
who gets it?
don't know
Jan 29 mail drop
pictures or it didn't happen
coming soon
good luck
thank you

enjoy your day
stay delicious