Monday, January 29, 2018

we back again ...

happenings happened
ups an downs, ugh barf

hooman broke
we gived freedom
highest speed

mr. food fixed
big grins
his blog
lots of words

want secret?
patrons only stuff back online ... r u nfktd?

++++become infected++++
If no sOKAY
free treats!!!

#############bad good news?

few cats adopted
30+ back to BIN
GOOD news
less competition
golden ticket done
who gets it?
don't know
Jan 29 mail drop
pictures or it didn't happen
coming soon
good luck
thank you

enjoy your day
stay delicious

Thursday, January 11, 2018

dees Three Flys

It's only day two but it already feels like three ... how long will the exile from the internet last? We're going a little bit nuts here ... 

must get a grip

on the positivity side of things our hooman seems to get getting his spirits up, as you can tell by the newest zombie cat.

It's not a big big kitty, instead this one rocks a 5 inch square piece of watercolor paper. The quality is high on this one ... the creativity is in full display, just like the guts of this undead pussy

And it has friendses ...  3 FLIES!

Ahhh ... we know why it's called Dees Three Flies now ... clever hooman, learning tricks we notice now.

To much talking ... this is what no internet does to us.
You should adopt this zombie cat before someone else does and makes you feel sort of bad that you couldn't be the one giving it a forever home.
Just a click away ...

Now we go ... we shall communicate again tomorrow

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Y Fly Gone?

Yep ... the silly hooman that we control made some choices that ended with the lack of wifi in the house :-/
Not a big deal, it will return one day ... it has been foretold 

It does mean we have to modify our plans for world domination, and we're kind of pissed about that.
We will overcome.
This is just another hurdle in a series of hurdles

ahem ... 

This cat though ... the newest zombie cat created ... and it actually started yesterday and completed today. Yesterday it was looking kind of stupid, especially around it's nose ... but today the hooman did his best to fix it up and now here it is. What do you think? 

Do you think this zombie cat is feeling kind of lonely and isolated ... there are no flies around to nibble on and keep it company ...  they're all gone ... just like the internet. It's gone and we're alone in the information apocalypse ... we're really not sure how to feel about this though. Hence the forelorn look on the face of this zombie cat.

This picture has all the feels in it and even more going on than we're telling ... and if you want to own this zombie cat, this original one of a kind zombie cat ... then check out the horde at 

And thus ends day one of no internet ... we'll be back


Thursday, January 4, 2018

skull head zombie cat

I have many things to say but not sure how to say it, so I try to say it with art. This skull head zombie cat tells me much about how things ended yesterday ... still looking to the future, but feeling more apprehensive, the shadows giving a sense of foreboding ... a feeling like something bad might be coming and posed ready to dash back to the safety and comfort of theBEFORE ... the old habits

But it was late night, I face losing internet and phone due to my own errors ... I'm pretty much ready for it but I know it will be a change that we haven't really REALLY faced yet. Now with a socially active teenager in the house it could be very interesting ... and maybe not in a great way.
Still have internet today,  so we'll see what tomorrow brings.
Until then I will take another step forward and see what happens.

If you like this skull head zombie cat drawing, you can get it in my bigcartel shop

See you tomorrow if my internet is still available ;)

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

sad to see them go ... but also glad

Do you know why this #zombie #cat has such big sad eyes?

Is it because the only unlife it's ever known has been with me and now I'm sending it, and 49 others like it, off to 50 strangers. Haha ... no of course not. It's not sad, it just looks this way.

It's a strange feeling, willingly letting go of 50 of my little zombie cats ... but they are from a different period in my life and letting go of them enables me to focus on the future and new, bigger, better zombie cats.
Most  likely I'll never quite draw or paint a zombie cat quite the same again. Big ponderings right/

Anyways ... Want one? go to
If that doesn't work, i accept PayPal

Only 3 days left and only 50 available ... and only $20 .. I want you to have it. I'll pay shipping.
Have a great night everyone.

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