Thursday, January 11, 2018

dees Three Flys

It's only day two but it already feels like three ... how long will the exile from the internet last? We're going a little bit nuts here ... 

must get a grip

on the positivity side of things our hooman seems to get getting his spirits up, as you can tell by the newest zombie cat.

It's not a big big kitty, instead this one rocks a 5 inch square piece of watercolor paper. The quality is high on this one ... the creativity is in full display, just like the guts of this undead pussy

And it has friendses ...  3 FLIES!

Ahhh ... we know why it's called Dees Three Flies now ... clever hooman, learning tricks we notice now.

To much talking ... this is what no internet does to us.
You should adopt this zombie cat before someone else does and makes you feel sort of bad that you couldn't be the one giving it a forever home.
Just a click away ...

Now we go ... we shall communicate again tomorrow

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