Thursday, January 4, 2018

skull head zombie cat

I have many things to say but not sure how to say it, so I try to say it with art. This skull head zombie cat tells me much about how things ended yesterday ... still looking to the future, but feeling more apprehensive, the shadows giving a sense of foreboding ... a feeling like something bad might be coming and posed ready to dash back to the safety and comfort of theBEFORE ... the old habits

But it was late night, I face losing internet and phone due to my own errors ... I'm pretty much ready for it but I know it will be a change that we haven't really REALLY faced yet. Now with a socially active teenager in the house it could be very interesting ... and maybe not in a great way.
Still have internet today,  so we'll see what tomorrow brings.
Until then I will take another step forward and see what happens.

If you like this skull head zombie cat drawing, you can get it in my bigcartel shop

See you tomorrow if my internet is still available ;)

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