Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Y Fly Gone?

Yep ... the silly hooman that we control made some choices that ended with the lack of wifi in the house :-/
Not a big deal, it will return one day ... it has been foretold 

It does mean we have to modify our plans for world domination, and we're kind of pissed about that.
We will overcome.
This is just another hurdle in a series of hurdles

ahem ... 

This cat though ... the newest zombie cat created ... and it actually started yesterday and completed today. Yesterday it was looking kind of stupid, especially around it's nose ... but today the hooman did his best to fix it up and now here it is. What do you think? 

Do you think this zombie cat is feeling kind of lonely and isolated ... there are no flies around to nibble on and keep it company ...  they're all gone ... just like the internet. It's gone and we're alone in the information apocalypse ... we're really not sure how to feel about this though. Hence the forelorn look on the face of this zombie cat.

This picture has all the feels in it and even more going on than we're telling ... and if you want to own this zombie cat, this original one of a kind zombie cat ... then check out the horde at 

And thus ends day one of no internet ... we'll be back


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