Thursday, February 15, 2018

Mind Blown Zombie Cat

This zombie cat looks like a troll
one of those big hair weird eye looking little toys that used to be popular
but this cat isn't a troll
this cat was created when enlightenment was immenent ... this zombie cat is more woke than most and the truth about oneself can be shocking

Oh ... and the zombie cats colouring book is now in production ... it will be a different kind of colouring book though ... one that encourages the use of brushes, pens, markers, paint, whatever else you have on hand.

If you think your cat deserves to be in the colouring book, then leave a comment with a link to an awesome, amusing, dynamic or at the very least, interestingly cute photo of your kitteh ... if nothing else, we might use it as inspiration for one of the zombie cat colouring book pages. Interested?

Also ... the whole colouring book making process will be documented over on ... you can watch/read most of the updates for free, or you can support us by pledging a buck a month and get some goodies before the public does :)

Thanks for reading, we'll munch on you later.

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