Friday, February 9, 2018

Terrifyingly Cute

At least that's how we would discribe this little zombie cat. What is your favorite color of zombie cat? We like which ever color you like too :D

We want to give this zombie kitty a new home but we don't know who really wants it ... so we're allowing you to decide by bidding on it. The starting bid is $6.66 ... please increase bids in full dollar amounts, even though it would be fun to keep the 666 gag going :)

yes it's silly ... we like silly

Shipping is included ( within north america ) unless you want a tracking number, that is $15 from Canada Post.

Bidding goes until we log on next Tuesday, Feb 13 2018, payment via paypal within 24 hours of a winner being declared ... the kitteh ships out 3 days after paypal payment is complete.

We hope this works, it feels fun :)

Good luck ... more kittehz tomorrow as the machines run in automatic mode.

If you want more fun, check out what our humans are up to over at ... and there is groovy apocalyptic artwork over at and even bite sized bits of horror at
the more you know :D

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