Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Zombie Cat Buttons ... the preorder has begun

Hey hey friends of the internet!!!
We hope you're all having an awesome day today.
It's been quite a few days in between posts and there have been a great many things going on in the catacombs lately. Great and wonderful things are coming, amazing and unique zombie cats are being created and we want to show the world so many things ....

but time is not our friend

the whole 'no internet at home' thing is very tiresome ... but we aren't complaining, we're making the best of things as we learn more ... it is very exciting and frustrating. Life eh??
plus our hooman hasn't been this stress free in a long long time.
now ... on to the reason for this post ...

It's a thing that we are very eager to create ... it's a very fun and exciting and inexpensive way to spread the zombie cat infection. But we need your help hoomans ... we need your money to buy these buttons to send to you ...
In fact, we need just $40 to get the very first button design created.
To help you give us your money, we're taking preorders. We want to do this as easily as possible, so we're focusing on infecting just north america right now ... it a shipping cost kind of thing. Shipping a package that contains even just one button costs us about $3 ... it's the thickness, not the weight.

So ... we're asking you to give us $8 for one button, $13 for 3 buttons or $20 for 5 buttons. Those are the prices WITH shipping in north america. You can give more if you want, it's always welcome, and we'll be sure to give you more than you expect as well. :D

If you live across an ocean or something and really want a button, we want to give it to you too. Send us an email and we'll figure out the shipping :) Email address is below.

To pre order you can go to our online store here: , but they will charge you an extra buck. You can paypal us directly by using our hoomans paypal address which is or even click

We are taking the preorders until Wednesday, March 14th, at which point we're either celebrating a success and ordering the buttons, or crying softly into our cream and refunding everyone. If by some crazy quirk of the cosmos we are unsuccessful at raising $40 ... then we will simply refund everyone their money. Paypal will back you up and so will we. We don't want your money if we can't give you anything in return.

So ... that's pretty much it ... go preorder a button so we can give you a button.
You deserve all the buttons!! 
Also, please leave a comment about which button you think should be created next, the Quean really likes #8 for the second button. What about you? Leave a comment for a chance to win a Mini Standing Zombie Cat

We'll be back on Saturday! Thanks so much for taking the time to read our words and for helping us spread the infection. If you want more stuff, and tonnes more artwork from our hooman, check out his blog that he never updates or follow him at ... big time updates there, but sometimes only for #theinfected

Oh, and be sure to check out for more of Byrons art along with some two sentence horror stories from NM Scuri

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