Monday, June 4, 2018

Zombie Cat Magnets

Last week we started to list many of our old magnet stock at huge discount prices. We didn't think much would happen, but the Zombie Cat Fans came out and showed their support in a big way. 
It was like a thin ray of hope piercing the darkness that envelopes us daily.
We put up a big 'update' post in the form of a comic (of sorts) over at patreon ... you could check it out over there, maybe become a patron and help support the growth of the Zombie Cats,
or just download our pdf and read it whenever you want.

We are currently packaging up all the magnet orders from last week, and will ship them out this week, and of course we'll let you know too.
If you want to see the new magnets that were just added to our store today, the link is

In other mews ... we're looking to add some new zombie cat faces to the horde ... if you think your puss is ready to become a part of the glaring, leave us a comment with a picture of your kitteh or, at the very least, a link to where we can see it.

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